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This was the third pairing of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire...and their partnership really hits stride here, as they workout "I'll Be Hard To Handle" and glide through the beauty of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes". The setting is at Roberta's, the top fashion shop in Paris - and concerns one of the designers there, Stephanie (Irene Dunne), and her budding romance with John Kent (Randolph Scott), the nephew of the lady currently running Roberta's, Aunt Minnie (Helen Westley). When Minnie passes away, John assumes the role of running the shop, but is not quite up to the task...but Stephanie should be. With help from John's musical bud Huck Haines (Astaire) and the 'Pseudo Countess Scharwenka', a.k.a. Lizzie Gatz (Rogers), who also just happens to be Huck's 'old gal' from Indiana, Stephanie might make be able to salvage the shop...and her relationship with John.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology, originally posted October 25, 2009


...For the AWESOME new header pic! It was kinda tough to change up from the 'Original' G-ology header pic, which will always be a favorite (will still be my avatar...) - but the new one is another favorite of mine (Gin just looks angelic in this one...), and now in killer color by Maria of the 'Let Yourself Go' blog...
If you are a Ginger / Fred fan, do yourself a favor and follow that site...Maria has done an outstanding job of adding color to some great pics!

...also, I will probably be 'wrapping up' the results of the first G-ology Poll in a day or so, when I can give it sufficient time... It was good to know each entry got significant votes, which helped me to feel better that I picked some of the best ones...


  1. Oh, how pretty. Very nice job, Maria.
  2. Oh, Jwalker, there was no need to thank me in a post. You made me blush. Thanks a lot for use it and yeah, looks really nice against the green background of your blog.
  5. Very nice! What year was that taken?
  6. It's from Roberta, so probably in '34 or '35.

  7. ...More specifically, the outfit was used in the Roberta number 'I Won't Dance' 1935.
    I think her hair is a bit different in the pic than in the movie, but the outfit is unmistakenable...
  8. BTW, a big Gingerology welcome to Fioraon, who is by all accounts an AVID Ginger fan!!! Great to have you on board, me laydee!!!
  9. "...More specifically, the outfit was used in the Roberta number 'I Won't Dance' 1935. "
    More specifically, I think that may be her own dress.

  10. More specifically, I think that may be her own dress.

    Exactly, Lauren. Didn't she say that in her biography?
  11. "Didn't she say that in her biography?"
    I don't know. I haven't read it. Actually I read the first few pages but haven't gone past there yet.

  12. I haven't read the whole thing but I think that I read the part about Roberta and she said that the dress was of her own and she was really happy to have wore it at that movie.
  13. From "Ginger, My Story":

    "The gold lam(ay) dress I wore for the "I Won't Dance" number was a dress I had bought while in New York as part of my trousseau. That was the first time I ever wore a personal dress in a motion picture, and it was probably because Bernard Newman had designed it." there you have it. I love it when a thread comes together...
  14. hehe, thanks a lot for quoting it, Jwalker. I already said it in other comment, if we want to know asomething about GR, you would know the answer ;)
  15. 'I love it when a thread comes together...'
    Perfect since we are talking about clothing.

  16. This picture is lovely in black and white. Stunning with the gold. Beautifully done.

    BTW, thanks for the welcome, JWalker.
  17. ...good to have Miss Fioraon on board!

    Maria - Thanks for the kind words...I am far from a Ginger expert, but definitely striving for that status!

    Lauren - glad I can keep you in stitches... or at least in bad puns and cliches...
  18. HAHA! It's because it sort of reminds me of... me! But we can keep that statement under wraps. :D

  19. ...well, there you go, Miss S!
    BTW, how is Petrov doing? I think I scared him off after the last round of smack I flung towards him... he is good at dishing, but can't take it, eh?

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