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This was the third pairing of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire...and their partnership really hits stride here, as they workout "I'll Be Hard To Handle" and glide through the beauty of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes". The setting is at Roberta's, the top fashion shop in Paris - and concerns one of the designers there, Stephanie (Irene Dunne), and her budding romance with John Kent (Randolph Scott), the nephew of the lady currently running Roberta's, Aunt Minnie (Helen Westley). When Minnie passes away, John assumes the role of running the shop, but is not quite up to the task...but Stephanie should be. With help from John's musical bud Huck Haines (Astaire) and the 'Pseudo Countess Scharwenka', a.k.a. Lizzie Gatz (Rogers), who also just happens to be Huck's 'old gal' from Indiana, Stephanie might make be able to salvage the shop...and her relationship with John.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Archive Post #5 - from Gingerology - originally posted February 4, 2013

...February ALREADY?

...dang, where does the time go?
First off, hope y'all had an eventful Groundhawg Day... ...I think we are in good shape here, although it's still around freezing at night...
...yeah, this thing our girl is holding isn't a groundhog, but... it's the closest I could find... not really that focused on the varmint in this pic, anyway (duuuuuh...) :-P

...still plodding along on's my New Year Resolution to get that out before....whenever. I'm tired of setting a deadline for it... currently I am doing more screen caps.... see, here's the deal... I was cruising along pretty well until I got to Ginger doing "I'll be Hard to Handle"... and 100 screen caps later, I feel a 'reset' is in order... First, the dance scenes will be submitted on another post (or two...or tres), as previous routines have... and another issue is that it really appears I am going to have to 'break' the review text from the 'alternate plot' cap, look for two posts fact, it's probably how most of the future ones will be presented, as there will be just GOBS of Ginger caps in the future... she's not even IN this one that much, y'all... (I can't even fathom how Kitty Foyle will be, cap-wise... more bytes, please!)  but here's a few caps from the Tanka solo for reference:

...OK, so NOW y'all have a greater appreciation for what I'm up against... this last pic is my fave screen cap I've EVER captured...yeah, you'll be seeing that pic again, y'all...
So, please have patience...these things take time in order to achieve proper execution...
As for Ginger on TV, TCM is firing up their Oscar Month deal, which is ALWAYS a great time to catch (and capture, if possible) some of the overall greatest films ever... it appears like about this time next week will be RKO week, and of course films with Ginger and Fred, as well as Ginger solo, are well represented - please see the page detailing upcoming GingerFilms on TCM...
Also, I have found another source of when Ginger is to be on TV... they include a few channels I am unfamiliar with, but I will update soon and put on the site... for that matter, if there are folks in other parts of the globe who can direct me to a schedule for channels in their region showing GingerFilms, please reply...I'd love to have as much info as possible on here regarding that, in order to inform folks of when and where our girl will be featured Internationally!
Until some time later...hopefully SOONER than later...y'all...




  1. Can't wait to see the screen caps from I'll be Hard to Handle. Her facial expressions are priceless!(Especially when in slow motion lol)

    Get the Roberta review up soon. :D
    1. ...those caps will be in a 'special' post by themselves... and of course, they will ultimately be 'archived' in the Roberta blogsite... that is where Facebook will hopefully work well, when I get those cranked up or do any 'updates' anywhere...

  2. They had a selection of Fred and Ginger films on the BBC the other week, I know Top Hat was one of them but not sure of the others as i don't have tv thanks to being unwilling to pay the licence fee (and i have the movies on dvd anyway!) I handed in my final uni assignment yesterday!! So will get on with catching up with everything :) Although i'm meeting my bf's mom for the first time this weekend so that might get in the way..!
    1. well, hope all is well with ...everything! Sounds like you have a lot on yer plate!

      How did the finale of Uni go? I'm sure it was perfect!

      an FYI - I have a Facebook deal nay have already found it and even submitted a 'join' deal... but just in case...just look up 'vkmfan huey' and it should get ya there!

  3. I sympathize with you on Hard to Handle, Huey. So many adorable expressions. I loved Ginger's hair and outfit in it. And she brought so much personality and energy in the singing and dancing. I think that out of all 10 movies Ginger and Fred did together, they seemed to have the most fun with this one....hence Ginger's laughter during the Hard to Handle number. I'm so glad her laugh remained on the soundtrack as it puts an exclamation mark on the dance. As for a review, remember, Huey, you're writing a review not a book. :)

    F&GM -- You should wear your beautiful Smoke Gets In Your Eyes black dress to meet your BF's mom. That would dazzle her. :) Have fun!
    1. They did seem to enjoy it...I think Fred finally was 'at pease' with the fact he and Ginger were a 'once in a lifetime' match, and could be the greatest dance team evah... good eye Freddie, good eye...

  4. Hard to Handle is going to be hard to handle for the screen caps but you can do it! I would think Smoke Gets in Your Eyes will be easy on the eyes but hard to handle as well so pace yourself ;)
    1. Well, honestly, I haven't even done any caps for the two dance 'routines'... but should get them done sooner or later...I might just shoot them 'straight to the Roberta blog'... The dance caps are not QUITE as 'voluminous', since a lot of the steps are 'repetitious'...I try to catch the 'peak moments' - which of course there are gobs...but when Ginger sings, it's like the proverbial 'shooting fish in a barrel' deal...just point and shoot!

Archive Post #4 - from Gingerology - originally posted January 5, 2013 AND January 12, 2013

...GingerPoll Time, y'all!!!!

Well, hi there, G-ologists!!!!

Hu is in the house, and is ACTIVELY working on the 'Roberta' review this weekend!  ...still a bit to do,'s getting there!

With that, after 'review' of the movie, I got to thinking...of course as far as HueyReviews go, there's the ultimate 'Rankings Board' for the films...and, since the 'level' of GandF in Roberta is somewhat comprable to 'Rio', save for a few more dance routines, I got to thinking... which is the more 'Gingery' character, Honey Hale or Tanka Scharwenka? Well, of course, I couldn't choose between these two, as I would gladly tote a fully loaded steamer trunk across Grand Central Station for either of them... although Ms. Hale had a lot more 'trouble' with those trunks, if memory serves... :-]

Anyway, since this is a new year (BTW, Happy Twenty-Thirteen, y'all!!!), what better way to kick it off than with a GingerPoll - which has been awhile since we've done one, so...

The Question at hand:  Which character is more 'Gingery'...
Honey Hale, or...

...Tanka Scharwenka?

Yeah, it's pretty tough, but... well, y'all can be pretty opinionated at times, so...have at it!!! The poll is at the top of the blog for your use!!!

Be sure to comment as to your reasoning behind your vote...we stress accountability here at G-ology!!! ...or at least some modicum of protocol... however you go about THAT...

Y'all keep it Gingery, now...y'hear?



  1. I voted for Tanka Scharwenka. It seems that in Roberta, Ginger has more screen time, and her attitude just seems more gingery.

    I like the Honey Hale character but, for some reason, she just doesn't have enough "gingeryness" to her. Also it feels that you don't get to see enough of her. Ginger's character in Roberta is more sassy and awesome!
    1. Honey was the 'prototype'... pretty sassy, but maybe a BIT of an 'airhead'....albeit an adorable airhead! I love 'Music Makes Me', probably a bit more than 'I'll be Hard to Handle'... but Tanka had a bit more 'street smarts', thus a good bit more 'opinionated', and sassy...

      KIG, GF!


  2. Even though I've only seen Roberta a couple of times, I'd have to vote.....Tanka Scharwenka. Only because by this time, she really was "Ginger" as we know her. Rio, she was still finding her Gingery footing. That is my very scientific analogy. :)
    1. Tanka is the more 'established' Ginger... Honey wasn't really given a lot of opportunity in 'Rio', but she did make the most of it...

      And, yes, scientific analogies are MOST welcome here.... it's Gingerology, after all! :-)

      KIG, Betsy!


  3. How can I choose? Both characters are tough girls that can take care of themselves, giving them a lot of gingery-sass and smartness. Both have lovely clothes and look great in them, although Tanka really wins out in that department due to old Roberta's designs and all. Both travel the world on their own dime and live by their wits (and witty repartee ;)) But if I MUST choose, I pick Honey Hale just because she is more of an independent character. She sings and she dances, just like Tanka, but she also flies on the outside of airplanes and directs others while doing it. Bravo to her independent spirit! Isn't Honey Hale the ONLY character Ginger played in a comedy that DIDN'T have to get married during or, presumably, right after the end of the film?
    1. ...great point about Honey directing traffic for the airplane routine... as well as the lack of the somewhat obligatory 'let's get married' at the end of honestly, all other GandF films if memory serves...well, the Castles and the Barkleys were married throughout the film, or purt near, in the Castles case...

      Score one for HH...

      KIG, 'e'!


  4. that is so hard its going to take me ages to decide!! incidently i got to see a picture today of Lydia Roberti and had to look twice, in the picture (a scene from Roberta) she and Ginger look awfully alike and not just the accent!!
    1. cool! I might just have to get ya to 'forward' that Lydia pic on to me for the Roberta review, which is...well, in the 'process'... getting closer, tho... especially if she favors our girl!!! :-)

      ...hope you made up your mind... lest you become like 'Jenny'... :-)

      KIG, Kat!

    2. i'll have to scan it, its in a book! and yes don't worry i made up my mind! and speaking of lady in the dark i went to the V&A hollywood costumes exhib yesterday, very much worth the entrance fee!!
    3. ...great to hear ya had a good time there! And have a great weekend, Kat! I'll be waiting for those scans! :-)


  5. It's Roberta for me. Oh those cute little curls in Ginger's hair, the fun and joy G&F displayed in "Hard to Handle" (not to mention those pants looked great on Ginger), and then of course her regal like entrance in the fur coat and the finale in her black dress. OK, Huey. I'm all warmed up for the review. :)
    1. doubt they threw the works at this production, and Tanka had some awesome attire throughout... and yeah, that's a fave scene, especially when she walks toward Fred, and he is smiling... something tells me she tried her best to crack him up, as you couldn't see her face there... if I know Ginger (and believe me, if anybody does, I reckon....), she might have caused a couple of 'extra takes' there... :-)

      The review is getting there... hopefully... soon...

      Hope you have a great weekend, Lady F!!!


  6. Final votes:

    Tanka - 18

    Honey - 7

    Thanks again to all who voted!


    Tanka...Tanka very much...

    ...well, by over a 2-to-1 margin, Miss Scharwenka was deemed the more Gingery character, besting Miss Hale in a pretty easy victory.
    ...I'll go along with that... hard to argue the results, since the 'header pic' that has been gracing the top of G-ology for years now is none other than Tanka Scharwenka...  As usual, I didn't 'inject' any real 'bias' either way during the voting period, so as not to sway the voting...
    Thanks to all who participated!
    I am getting a bit more 'caught up' at my place of employment, so...that bodes well for G-ology... hopefully more progress will be made, not only on reviews, but also other features... 2013 is slated to be quite Gingery, according to the Mayans...or was it the Incas? I always get those two mixed up... kinda like the Shakers and the Quakers...
    Anyway - hope y'all have a great week ahead, and...




    Awesome! Roberta is one of her best films and Tanka is one of her very best roles.

    By the way, I took all my blogs off. I've been trying to concentrate on other things, but blogger still killed too much time. This always looking at stats, although there's hardly anything happening sucked too much. This time I'm serious, it's over.

    Only the blog of my pet,, will go on and looking up those stats from time to time is okay. Cuz this is about informing and helping animals and that's important to me.

    Sweet & Hot was a mess lately anyway. Writing about movies hasn't been my thing since 2011. So I went to tap and my 30s music. Right now I'm just rehearsing and it's all standard copyrighted stuff and my articles about plastic trombone and great new clarinet mouthpiece weren't so hot.

    My blogging didn't make sense anymore, it was just holding on to that old habit. Actually I hope to win wasted time to see a classic movie, like Roberta, again, which very tragically didn't happen for months....

    1. well, heck...sorry to see ya (kinda) getting out of blogging... do you facebook? I'm most likely going to crank up a VKM 'address' or whatever there...I know NOTHING about FB, but...I figured if anything, it can be used as a 'real time chat room', which blogger does not appear to have... so stay tuned for that...

      Well, thanks for your support, CS - hope you remain a G-ologist, and jump into the topics whenever you are really one of the 'experts' of the timespace that Ginger resided in,'re definitely needed here!!!

      Hope all goes well with your band...keep us updated!!!

      And most of all...


    2. As my mother is signed out, I probably have to answer. She's actually my co-author, and as you cannot type fast enough with a beak, doing the most of all the work on
      So she's still to contact in the blogspot world.

      Basically she's a facebook hater, but still in love with Twitter. I'm not there, but it's a snappy way to communicate -- you don't waste much time there, which actually is what she's lacking off all the time.... Oh, she hate's chatrooms, cuz they kill a lot of time.

      In things movies she fits horribly well here, still refusing to see modern films, cuz too much sex in there. Now, we had a little drama in our home, but she's fine again.
    3. Hop on the fb bandwagon lol. Are you going to make a page where people just like it? Or are you going to make one where people have to send a friend request?

      I really can't wait for the "chatroom" type deal. Talking with other gingerfans? Awesome!

      Have a great evening. Unfortunately I started homework way too late-whoops.
    4. ...Thanks for the info, Miss G! Tell CS I said hi, and to keep cranking out tunes from the Golden Era!!! And try to stay out of the's been pretty rough lately...

      ...As to GF, well, heck...I'm gonna have to get with my wife on this, as she is a FB person...not an 'addict', by any means, but knows enough to set up and show me the ropes.
      It will be a 'open member' deal or whatever, and most likely anyone and everyone is welcome...but will probably have a pretty short rope, in case our buddy from last year shows up spewing anti-Ginger stuff...

      Well, hope yer homework was easy...I had some junk from work to do as well, but it's pretty much cleared!

      KIG, y'all!
    5. Oh yes, the anti ginger anon from last year.
      You can't really "approve" comments on fb, but you'll just have to monitor them. Hopefully nothing like that happens!

      Oof, homework was not that easy last night. Stayed up till 1 doing it. Almost done with tonight's hw. :)
      Have a gingery evening!
    6.'s a 'pending' deal...looks like work is 'stabilizing' somewhat, so....we shall see...Roberta must be published first, tho...looking good for that... no, REALLY!

      hope you have a great weekend - are y'all off for MLK Day on Monday? I think purt near everyone is at this's sad when you can remember back before there were so many holidays / observances... President's Day is another 'recent' one... oh well, fine with me?

      KIG, GF!
    7. Yes we do. Thank god! I think I need a break from school for a bit.....

      Also, hopefully you get that Roberta review on here this weekend. Cannot wait to see it.

      Have a great Friday evening!
      BTW today in my History class we watched a documentary on the Great Depression. And I think I was the only person that squealed inside when I saw a scene from Gold Diggers. It was the part when Ginger says, "The depression deary."
      I thought it was awesome!
    8. ...sounds like yer History Teacher is a potential G-ologist... wasn't there a line in there that said, 'What's so great about it? - the Depression, that is... maybe not - not sure if they even called it that until some years afterward...

      will make progress here... onward to the review!!!

      KIG, GF!


Archive Post #3 - from Gingerology - originally posted December 9, 2012

...ok, getting a bit closer... the Roberta review, y'all.
I know, I know... but it's been somewhat busy the last month or so, with the Advent Season, and a fair amount of production work in the hopper at work...just tough to focus on the review. And, as I think y'all may be aware, I am a 'stickler' in terms of giving reviews my FULL attention...

But, it appears in a few days, I shall be able to start on it 'proper', and hopefully get it out soon.

As a 'preview to the review', I've just been thinking a bit about this one... as a Ginger fan, thus a GandF fan, the biggest 'issue' I have with this film (and to a lesser extent, Follow the Fleet) is that Ginger and Fred are not even the main characters in it... thus, it just isn' awesome as other GandF films, to the best of my recollection..., before I incur the wrath of those voracious Irene Dunne fans out there, much less the tenacious Randolph Scott faction, let me say this...

Irene is awesome in this film... although my fave role for her is in The Awful Truth, of course... but here she does play the role of the 'high society / royalty / whatever' lady in a noble, yet warm way that sells the part to perfection. Her operatic vocals are impressive, although honestly not quite my preferred octave of feminine vocalizations... that of course may only be heard from Miss Scharwenka herself...

And Randolph Scott is...serviceable...probably much more comfortable on a horse, of a a horse of course... ahem... but he plays the 'goofy guy getting in over his head and somehow persevering and winning the girl' quite well.

BUT... (there's always a big 'BUT', right?) ...Ginger and Fred are what makes this... well, a classic film, right? Look, when you mention the film 'Roberta' to anyone...well, anyone who has any idea about classic movies to begin with... what's their first thought?
"Oh, yes, that's that movie with Irene Dunne and Randolph Scott!", no, most likely not, unless they are in one of those fan clubs... more often than not, you'll hear, "Oh, yes, that's that Fred and Ginger movie!" not really sure what my point is here, unless I'm trying to weigh the 'level' of Gingery goodness this one will have... it would seem to be able to eke into the top ten, but...we'll see.

It's been awhile since I've watched it all the way through... Ma is always playing it, but she generally just watches the finale with GandF's dance to 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes', which, is pretty hard not to fast forward to...

SO, all this warbling to say... it's getting close... hopefully it will make it out before Mayan Doomsday...

In the meantime, hope everyone is having a great holiday season thus far, and will continue to...

Keep It Gingery!!!



  1. I love this film, it's a treasure of costume, and a bitchy Ginger with a Russian accent makes an absolute delight.
    1. ...she is definitely in 'high sassy' mode in this one... but I think she 'mellows' at the end, fortunately...
      And yes, this one has wickedawesome costumes...of course one of them is right above, as the G-ology header pic1 That fact ALONE should give this film a pretty high ranking, no?
      thanks for the comment, garofit!!

  2. I love Roberta. First time I saw it I watched the whole thing, but usually since I know what happens, I just mainly watch all the parts with Ginger and Fred.

    I love the I'll Be Hard To Handle routine, Ginger's outfit is so cute! I wouldn't mind having a recreation of that to wear for myself.
    I also love the Smoke Gets In You Eyes routine....OMG the dress is SOOOOO pretty there. I also want a copy of that too lol. Let's just say I like love all of Ginger's outfits from this movie.

    Also not to mention the songs are pretty good too.

    Can't wait for the film review for it!


  3. ...looks like a 'go' for the weekend, least I will be working towards it... but I really need to get back on 'pace' with the reviews...maybe after the first of the year I can get rolling again...
    And yes, Ginger is VERY well attired throughout the proceedings, so...that's gonna score some nice points... even tho I'm not THAT into costumes, as Ginger in a potato sack is still...GINGER!!!, definitely does not hurt anything to have sharp wardrobe included.

    ...if anything, screen caps and the 'main review' should take place soon... then the 'alternate storyline'...which typically results from reviewing the screencaps, with a combination of late-night mind wandering... some strange stuff results...

    KIG, GF!


  4. I think this is your last weekend before the Mayan doomsday. Spending it working on a Gingery review sounds just about the best way to go! I can understand your feelings towards "Roberta" and the 2 story lines going. It does take away from the movie, unfortunately. I love the "Hard to Handle" number too, it makes the movie, IMO. If you need more motivation think of it this way, if you don't get through "Roberta", how are you going to get to "Top Hat"?

    Have a good weekend and KIG!

  5.'s 'under way'...the review, that is... gotta do the screen caps, but plan to watch the movie tonight... but there will be at least one post before this one...stay tuned...


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Archive Post #2 - from Gingerology - originally posted November 3, 2010

...OK...SOMEbody's been holding out on us...

...regarding Roberta...well, MAYBE. I am currently reading an 'unauthorized biography' of Ginger that was written in the 60's by a dude named Dick Richards, who was (or still may be) a film critic of the Daily Mirror, a London newspaper. He had met Ginger a few times, seen and reviewed most of her films, and wrote this bio around the time she was starring in the London production of 'Mame' - the first chapter talks about how that production came about with Ginger in it. But the second chapter begins the 'chronological' story of Ginger, and overall seems pretty accurate...
...BUT, check THIS out - on page 74 of this tome, he states the following regarding the film 'Roberta': "I'll always recall a gown of glittering gold metal leaf cloth worn by Ginger. Above all, the dress parade which was the film's climax was in colour, then a comparative novelty, and it was rich and rewarding. It revealed Ginger's hair as by no means a fiery red but a soft, fair auburn and at the sight of it her male fans in the cinemas should have renewed their marital vows."
...OK - so... WHERE IS THIS COLOR (or 'colour') VERSION? Did WB just 'blow off' the color portion and made it all B/W throughout? Or was this an 'English only' thing (which would have been kinda weird to not have been that way stateside...) - see, every time things seem to be in harmony in GingerLand, something like this pops up, which just...BUGS me!!! Well, y'all can relate... OGRE - sounds like a mystery for you to unravel... oh well, we at least have Maria to provide us with awesome color 'stills' from this great film...
Anyway, overall this is a pretty interesting book, and dude is definitely a big Ginger fan, but there are a few 'iffy' parts here and there, at least in comparison to Ginger's bio... another big "???" is that he claims Ginger's favorite GandF movie is 'Top Hat'... er, that's first time I've heard that... I tend to think it was probably her LEAST fav, if just for the 'feathers' incident alone, not to mention the presence of Mr. Sandrich... and she says herself that 'Swing Time' is her fav, so there ya go.
BTW, be on the lookout for MY 'unauthorized biography', "Huey Rogers: The Bodacious Life of a Cabana Boy" - guess I COULD do the 'novel writing' contest or whatever... if only time would allow...
Well, hope everyone survived Halloween... guess Thanksgiving is next....well, it's really Veteran's Day next... so lots of stuff ahead. In the meantime...

Keep It Gingery!!!


  1. Hey honey! Great post! You never cease to amaze me with all you know about Ginger! So glad to see you have a new post. Hope you have a fabulous night and thanks for the new comments on my post! Kori xoxo
  2. I think the dude was dreamin! Maybe he watched Roberta and wished that sequence was in color. Maybe he got mixed up with Carefree. Besides the dress Ginger wore as part of the fashion show was the black dress!
  3. To me ROBERTA is the greatest musical film ever. My favorite 1933 musical 42ND ST, GOLDDIGGERS and Footlight PARADE are great - ROBERTA is different. ROBERTA is absolutely perfect. It's like the most brilliant painting you've ever seen - everything is 100%. The way they've connected music, dancing, comedy, drama and fashion is even 200%. I didn't know this was possible before I saw it. It's not a work of all those patterns - they connected all to one brilliant piece of art. Besides ROBERTA exhales such great humanist, kind philosophy that makes me love it even more.

    There's only one film that ranks higher than ROBERTA and that is the Jean Arthur western ARIZONA. But this doesn't necessarily mean that ROBERTA is less brilliant.

    Wait until it'll be 1935 on my blog. ROBERTA will get what it deserves. I'll probably work days and days at that article...
  4. Well, several things....
    1. HUEY ROGERS????
    Are you contemplating a name change or is this a nom de plume?

    2. Huey Rogers: The Bodacious Life of a Cabana Boy
    Hahahahaha Where do I pre-order???

    3. I'm with Sassy. I've never seen anything anywhere about Roberta being available in color. I also think Ginger enjoyed the non-Sandrich Fred films better than those he directed. As far as the finished product she seemed to indicate Swing Time

    4. I love Roberta, too, Clarissa. Ginger and Fred really seemed to enjoy themselves in that one, and there was a great amount of energy in the film. On the subject of Ginger's little curls being hard to keep in place, did you notice her hair in "Hard To Handle"? It was coming out there. Same is true after she danced in Bachelor Mother.
  5. Yes, I certainly adore Ginger's curls in ROBERTA. But it's just a few months ago, ROBERTA struck me like an angelophany. My veneration of FOLLOW THE FLEET has a much longer tradition, that goes back to the late 80s. I grew up with that stuff and it influenced me enormously. Ginger Rogers to me was above all that girl in FOLLOW THE FLEET. And I always tried to follow that idol.

    Do you mean her curls uncurled? Well, if you have them in resin - like those prehistoric bugs - then they will do millions of years... :D
  6. Huey I have that book. I haven't had time to read the whole thing, just been going back through certain parts that I wanted to read about...seeing that Ginger put out her own autobio. I too am confused about what he is talking about. I know there is a movie that is completely B&W until the models shows their gowns, then that whole part is in color, then it switches back to B&W. I forget what that movie was called, but it sounds like he is describing that movie and not "Roberta"...and Ginger was definitely not in that other movie obviously.
  7. I just remembered what movie that might be..."The Women" :-D
  8. Kori - Thanks for the kind words! Glad you are better, and hope you have a VERY Gingery weekend! :-] BTW, nice work on the 'new look' for Blonde Episodes...only issue is, no Kori pics! :-( otherwise, it's great!

    SG - yeah, I just think dude has his films mixed up... maybe the 're-make' of this one, 'Lovely to Look At', had a color scene during the dress show... but the way he details Ginger's hair color (colour) makes you go hmmmm...

    CS - 'Roberta' gets better every time I watch it - I am becoming a big fan of Irene Dunne - saw 'My Favorite Wife' the other day, and she was great in it with Cary... I guess I just concentrate on the Ginger scenes, but viewing the 'bigger picture', it works very well.

    Fioraon - Well, maybe that will be my 'pen name', sure... sounds about right to me... :-] ...As for Ginger's locks, they had much attention given to them, but I guess after so long, they 'lost form', unfortunately... I guess Ginger had somewhat curly hair, anyway... ??? Again, not a hair expert, but just LUV hers... :-P

    Desarae - Cool! It is a pretty cool read... not exactly sure as to it's 'accuracy', and not a HEAP of photos, but still pretty interesting... it kinda surprised me that dude didn't remember much about 'Swing Time' - couldn't even remember the plot! Seems like 'Top Hat' was the biggie for folks in the U.K.
    Hmmm - I bet you are correct in that he is probably thinking of some other movie...'The Women' - haven't seen it, but need to... but dang, I would REMEMBER Ginger in color, you know? But then again, that's not too shocking coming from me, is it? :-]
  9. Irene has a perfectly skilled voice. In that little scene when drunken Randolph Scott blames her (before she's going to sing her great SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES) Irene says:

    Now would you pleas go?

    A very simple phrase, but nobody else could speak it out like that. There is so much dignity in her voice. But this certainly comes from her enormous skills as a true Bel Canto singer. And it makes her absolutely believable as princess.

    As a loving woman she's always very human. It's the exact contrary of the 60s' sexual revolution - "back to nature", or let me paraphrase kind of 'let's-be-wild-animals-again'-attitude.

    As blogger happythoughts wrote on THE MORE THE MERRIER:

    "In a film today they’d have been pushing each other up the stairs and tearing each other’s clothes off. I don’t say that in moral judgment, really." []

    Well, I mean it as a moral judgment. Because I don't want to live in such a world, with such philosophy - or call it just moral. And that's the actual reason why my world is the 30s. I do claim dignity ... at least for myself - if other people despise that I can't help them. But I won't be around! I switch the screen off, or go away. And then maybe I enjoy ROBERTA again, which tells me: "There is another world, with real culture, love and truth and it still exists. There are still people who appreciate and live that.

    Fred Astaire himself is a good example. He was really a true husband. How he suffered after his Philis' death. And I really appreciate the 'pretension', not to kiss anybody. This saved all the Fred & Ginger Project from being flat. Their final hug in SWINGTIME says so much more.
  10. I just saw STAGE DOOR, still having Kate's most tragic reciting in my ear. So I read the paragraph next to the last of my yesterday's comment and laugh myself to death. Because in my mind I hear Kate speaking it.

    We vintage people seem to be rather tragic people -- aren't we?... ;)

    But stage door is really wonderful.
  11. Oooh this is interesting! Just when you think you know everything about a actor/movie, some new info comes up! :)
  12. CS - agree on Irene... she is VERY 'classy', IMHO... really way too good for Ol' Randy... oh well. Very astute commentary on the 'lowest common denominator' of today's screen 'romance' scenes... It's funny - I was watching 'Kitty Foyle' with my wife and when 'Wyn' is speaking to Kitty in his office and says (paraphrasing somewhat) - "I think about making love to you" -she said, 'whoa!' didn't know they could say THAT back then! Of course, I explained it was a whole different context back then... ...sad how that phrase (as Fred also sings in 'Night and Day', of course...), which obviously meant 'to romance' in a...well, genteel manner, is nowadays just another crass way of describing 'intercourse'... yes, things were more 'naive' back then, which was a good thing in many respects...

    Stage Door... an essential. Yes, a pretty 'dramatic' ending... but seems to catch the 'reality' of actresses trying to make it big... Ginger and Kate trading barbs is so priceless... Ginger and Ann hoofing it up... perfect! OK - guess I need to go watch that one again now... Thanks, CS! :-]

    JH - It's always something, isn't it? I was just really wondering if anyone else had heard of this, as I have not. I really need to sit and watch 'Roberta' with the 'commentary' on... my mom does that, and comes back with all kinds of cool facts... she is the 'matron saint' of Gingerology...well, of course she is still VERY much with us, but you know what I mean...

    Y'all KIG!

    What's so brilliant in this one is the combination of comedy and tragedy. The whole musical is actually full of tragedy -- and yet it's extremely funny. So is actually live: It's tragic and funny. And this film shows it in a way not many movies productions in Hollywood's history have achieved.

    I found it very amusing that Ginger and Kate acted practically in changed parts. In real live Kate had that big mouth and Ginger held back. I laughed very much when Kate wanted to know what to do with that blindfold and Ginger answered: "You swallow it with a glass of water." -- Then Ginger's champagne tipsiness was really too cute. Nobody can really describe that, they have to see it themseves...