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This was the third pairing of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire...and their partnership really hits stride here, as they workout "I'll Be Hard To Handle" and glide through the beauty of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes". The setting is at Roberta's, the top fashion shop in Paris - and concerns one of the designers there, Stephanie (Irene Dunne), and her budding romance with John Kent (Randolph Scott), the nephew of the lady currently running Roberta's, Aunt Minnie (Helen Westley). When Minnie passes away, John assumes the role of running the shop, but is not quite up to the task...but Stephanie should be. With help from John's musical bud Huck Haines (Astaire) and the 'Pseudo Countess Scharwenka', a.k.a. Lizzie Gatz (Rogers), who also just happens to be Huck's 'old gal' from Indiana, Stephanie might make be able to salvage the shop...and her relationship with John.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Archive Post #5 - from Gingerology - originally posted February 4, 2013

...February ALREADY?

...dang, where does the time go?
First off, hope y'all had an eventful Groundhawg Day... ...I think we are in good shape here, although it's still around freezing at night...
...yeah, this thing our girl is holding isn't a groundhog, but... it's the closest I could find... not really that focused on the varmint in this pic, anyway (duuuuuh...) :-P

...still plodding along on's my New Year Resolution to get that out before....whenever. I'm tired of setting a deadline for it... currently I am doing more screen caps.... see, here's the deal... I was cruising along pretty well until I got to Ginger doing "I'll be Hard to Handle"... and 100 screen caps later, I feel a 'reset' is in order... First, the dance scenes will be submitted on another post (or two...or tres), as previous routines have... and another issue is that it really appears I am going to have to 'break' the review text from the 'alternate plot' cap, look for two posts fact, it's probably how most of the future ones will be presented, as there will be just GOBS of Ginger caps in the future... she's not even IN this one that much, y'all... (I can't even fathom how Kitty Foyle will be, cap-wise... more bytes, please!)  but here's a few caps from the Tanka solo for reference:

...OK, so NOW y'all have a greater appreciation for what I'm up against... this last pic is my fave screen cap I've EVER captured...yeah, you'll be seeing that pic again, y'all...
So, please have patience...these things take time in order to achieve proper execution...
As for Ginger on TV, TCM is firing up their Oscar Month deal, which is ALWAYS a great time to catch (and capture, if possible) some of the overall greatest films ever... it appears like about this time next week will be RKO week, and of course films with Ginger and Fred, as well as Ginger solo, are well represented - please see the page detailing upcoming GingerFilms on TCM...
Also, I have found another source of when Ginger is to be on TV... they include a few channels I am unfamiliar with, but I will update soon and put on the site... for that matter, if there are folks in other parts of the globe who can direct me to a schedule for channels in their region showing GingerFilms, please reply...I'd love to have as much info as possible on here regarding that, in order to inform folks of when and where our girl will be featured Internationally!
Until some time later...hopefully SOONER than later...y'all...




  1. Can't wait to see the screen caps from I'll be Hard to Handle. Her facial expressions are priceless!(Especially when in slow motion lol)

    Get the Roberta review up soon. :D
    1. ...those caps will be in a 'special' post by themselves... and of course, they will ultimately be 'archived' in the Roberta blogsite... that is where Facebook will hopefully work well, when I get those cranked up or do any 'updates' anywhere...

  2. They had a selection of Fred and Ginger films on the BBC the other week, I know Top Hat was one of them but not sure of the others as i don't have tv thanks to being unwilling to pay the licence fee (and i have the movies on dvd anyway!) I handed in my final uni assignment yesterday!! So will get on with catching up with everything :) Although i'm meeting my bf's mom for the first time this weekend so that might get in the way..!
    1. well, hope all is well with ...everything! Sounds like you have a lot on yer plate!

      How did the finale of Uni go? I'm sure it was perfect!

      an FYI - I have a Facebook deal nay have already found it and even submitted a 'join' deal... but just in case...just look up 'vkmfan huey' and it should get ya there!

  3. I sympathize with you on Hard to Handle, Huey. So many adorable expressions. I loved Ginger's hair and outfit in it. And she brought so much personality and energy in the singing and dancing. I think that out of all 10 movies Ginger and Fred did together, they seemed to have the most fun with this one....hence Ginger's laughter during the Hard to Handle number. I'm so glad her laugh remained on the soundtrack as it puts an exclamation mark on the dance. As for a review, remember, Huey, you're writing a review not a book. :)

    F&GM -- You should wear your beautiful Smoke Gets In Your Eyes black dress to meet your BF's mom. That would dazzle her. :) Have fun!
    1. They did seem to enjoy it...I think Fred finally was 'at pease' with the fact he and Ginger were a 'once in a lifetime' match, and could be the greatest dance team evah... good eye Freddie, good eye...

  4. Hard to Handle is going to be hard to handle for the screen caps but you can do it! I would think Smoke Gets in Your Eyes will be easy on the eyes but hard to handle as well so pace yourself ;)
    1. Well, honestly, I haven't even done any caps for the two dance 'routines'... but should get them done sooner or later...I might just shoot them 'straight to the Roberta blog'... The dance caps are not QUITE as 'voluminous', since a lot of the steps are 'repetitious'...I try to catch the 'peak moments' - which of course there are gobs...but when Ginger sings, it's like the proverbial 'shooting fish in a barrel' deal...just point and shoot!

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